Dice Roller

I wrote this dice rolling application shortly after the release of Shadowrun Fourth Edition.  It’s served me well for a number of years and a lot of folks continue to download it.  I compiled it for Windows and it should still work for Windows 8, though I don’t have such a machine to test it.  The Python source code is available for download as well should you need to compile it for a Macintosh or Linux platform or just want to enhance things.

Be aware, it’s not quite right anymore since 5th Edition came out because the way glitchs are calculated is slightly different between 4th and 5th.  Or, perhaps I was just doing glitches wrong for the decade of 4th edition!  Either way, this is out of date but I might get around to updating it for 5th if I get the chance.


When you install the Windows software, everything you need should be available at once.  It’ll add a shortcut to the start menu, too, so it’s fairly easy to find.

Using the Dice Roller

After it’s installed, when you run the program it’ll start in Normal Mode where you can enter the number of dice in the pool and the number of Edge dice to throw.  This separation is necessary so that the Edge dice can follow the Rule of Six as necessary.  Clicking the button will roll the dice and put the results on-screen.  They’re in ascending order from 1 to 6 and the number of hits is also displayed for your convenience.

There are two other modes:  Advanced mode and one for Extended Tests.  Advanced mode just lets you specify different parts of the pool (like modifiers) if that works easier for you.

Extended Test mode is set up to allow you to specify the skill and attributes that make up your dice pool and indicate if the number of rolls should be limited to the size of the pool and whether or not you’re rushing the job.  You also need to enter the Threshold that you’re trying to reach.  Once all of that is in the program, click the button and it’ll tell you if you’ve succeeded or failed.  I have not updated the code to include the rule that reduces the number of dice rolled by one for each time you roll.

Glitches and Critical Glitches will cause and alert to appear.