Working for the Enemy

By on March 23rd, 2014

The job started as many do:  a meet, this time at the Pilgrim Brewery in the Faloma precinct of Cara’Sir.  The team was contacted by Jack’s fixer and told to meet with a Claudia Larochelle who would lead them to Ms. Johnson.  Arriving at the brewery, the team had no trouble doing so and quickly found themselves in a tasting room being offered seats and drinks by a well-dressed female elf.

Ms. Johnson needed the team to plant some evidence on a politicians commlink to make it look as if someone had tampered with it.  The evidence was in the form of fingerprints–using a glove to plant them–as well as epithelial cells to dust on the commlink.  Providing a total of twelve thousand nuyen, with two thousand up front, the team was willing to do the job though when they found out the specifics of the situation, some were a little less interested.

The commlink they were supposed to mess with was owned by Olive Carruthers, the New Ager candidate from Vale in Malheur County.  It was Olive who so strenuously objected to the team’s protection of Ben Gantry as the led him from Boise back to Cara’Sir for the Rooters weeks ago.  By planting the evidence on her commlink, the team would be assisting Ms. Johnson not in discrediting Olive, but rather casting doubt upon some undisclosed scandal in which Ms. Carruthers was about to be implicated.  In other words:  if they did the job, it was likely that they would be assisting the political career of Carruthers rather than scuttling it.

Regardless, the money won out and the team agreed to the job.  Ms. Johnson provided the team with a detailed schedule for Olive’s movements over the next three days; if the job could not be completed by the evening of the third day, then the  team could keep the advance, but they didn’t need to worry about continuing their efforts.  Luckily, upon reviewing the schedule, the team noticed two items on the itinerary for day two that might bear fruit:  an exhibition tennis match against Tír tennis pro, Maria Albert, as well as Olive’s attendance at the Tír Tiarngire Ballet in Malek’thas that same evening.

The team decided to attempt to plant the biometric evidence on Olive’s commlink during the tennis match and, if that failed, to try again at the ballet.  Tickets were purchased for the latter while Octan and Arial investigated the location for the tennis match posing as a couple perhaps interested in joining.

The club was extremely high end and offered a variety of both indoor and some outdoor sports.  Given a tour, Octan and Arial were able to investigate the location fully and set up an appointment for the following day–the same day as Olive’s exhibition–for virtual golf at 9 AM giving them more than enough time to try and tamper with the commlink as Olive’s match was scheduled for 8 AM.

Arriving again the next morning, Octan and Arial were accompanied by Adriana and the brothers Pliskin, the latter two outfitted as servants for Octan and Arial.  The club was infested with paparazzi who largely ignored our protagonists, much to Adriana’s relief, as they waited for both Olive and Maria Albert, though mostly for Maria.  The team relaxed for a bit at the snack bar until the candidate’s arrival.

Olive made the appropriate gestures of interest toward the cameras upon entering, and was quickly treated to the club’s best when she entered.  She chatted with the staff and owners of the club for a bit before Maria arrived.  They greeted each other in the lobby before they moved to locker rooms–Maria has a private room, but Olive insisted that she didn’t need such extravagance and would dream of imposing on the tennis pro.  Instead, Olive was led to the public lockers by a female guard.

Adriana and Arial beat them there and were in the process of changing when the guard and Olive arrived.  The guard analyzed them closely, but considering the difficulty of hiding weapons while changing clothes, was put at ease.  Olive introduced her self to the both of them and then, providing enough room for personal space, began to change for her exhibition.  As she began to slide her commlink into her court-side bag, Adriana used a preparation for Control Thoughts to convince her to leave the device in her locker.  It was successful, and Olive and her guard quickly exited headed toward the tennis courts.

Moving quickly, Arial and Adriana plugged a different commlink, prepared by Octan with a sprite on it, into the locker’s control port.  The sprite made mincemeat of the lock’s security and the door popped open.  Adriana quickly manhandled the commlink planting the fingerprints and dusted it with the epithelial cells before replacing it in the locker.

They, too, moved to leave the locker room, but Arial wanted one more chance at making the candidate’s acquaintance.  They stopped her briefly in the hallway as she returned to the lockers for her commlink, made some small talk, and then let her go about her day.  Later, when Octan and Arial attended the ballet–tickets had been purchased after all–they contrived to “bump into” Olive once more.  After some additional small talk, Octan and Adriana made a rather large donation to Olive’s campaign hoping to gain influence with her should they need a politician’s help in the future.

Returning to Cara’Sir, they showed Ms. Johnson a recording of the job and she paid the team the remainder of what was owed them.  The job complete, Adriana seriously put out by having assisted Olive’s political future after having to dodge her bullets, attended Olive’s rally at the Tír Museum of Modern Art.  She arrived in full make up and fully prepared to punch Olive in the face, but after creating a bit of a scene, her better nature asserted itself and she gave up on her plan.