Bumbling Bad Actors in Boise

By on April 20th, 2014

Olympia’s commlink rang while she was unavailable, but luckily Adrianna answered it.  Seems Jeff Edwards, the Unicorn shaman from the Tír district in Boise who had provided a safe house for the team in the past, needed some help.  Seems there was a new racket in town trying to shake down his business and the businesses of some others in the district.  Rather than pay protection money monthly to the criminals, he and his colleagues decided to pay a one-time fee to the team in order to get rid of the racketeers.

Our protagonists headed out for Boise and shortly there after sat down with Jeff.  He gave them the names and locations of some others who were paying into the pot for the job and they quizzed him on the specifics of what was going on taking notes related to the people he had seen working the neighborhood.  Moving on from Jeff’s talismongering business, the team decided to start looking for disreputable businesses in the area that might provide a haven for the racketeers.

They found their way to the Trog’s Grog, owned and operated by Dominic Mango, and another one of the business owners who was helping to pay their fee.  Dominic, once he realized who the team was, became more than willing to help.  And, in fact, he was due for a visit from the racketeers within the next few days as they came around to collect.  Agreeing to return and help Dominic fend them off, the team briefly interviewed the remaining business persons.

The only thing that seemed to be a common theme was an overabundance of people with Native American heritage or symbols on their clothing.  It may have been misdirection, but signs were pointing to problems stemming from the Native districts, but the team did not know–yet–if it would be the Salish or the Pueblo area of the city that had given rise to this specific group of malefactors.

Returning to the Trog’s Grog at the appointed day and time, the team prepared to help Dominic refuse the services of his incoming visitors.  Octan prepared himself within the bar’s matrix host while the others hid themselves in the main bar area.  Three men arrived to collect from Dominic but when the team revealed itself, in the form of Adrianna’s magics, they were surprised to find themselves not only outnumbered but seriously out gunned.

Watching the outside, Arial became aware that they had called for reinforcements as five more approached the bar armed with SMGs.  They took firing stances outside the Grog and fired a full automatic clip into the bar to try and impress and intimidate.  It didn’t work out that way.  Between a few more Blast spells from Adrianna and Arial attacking them from the flank with stick-n-shock ammo, short work was made of them.

Realizing that the constabulary was unlikely to be able to ignore full-automatic fire for too long, the team grabbed two of the opposition–a female dwarf who appeared to be in charge and a human male–and took off driving randomly around town until they awoke.

The dward, named Ayellen, revealed that she indeed did represent criminal interests from the Salish district of the city.  She and her organization were seeking to expand their turf into the Tír and they were starting off small shaking down businesses for some starting-up money.  The human, Niv, was largely silent taking his queues from Ayellen who eventually made it fairly clear that she wasn’t willing to say more in front of Niv.  Taking the hint, Arial shot the poor guy with another stick-n-shock round sending him to dream land once more.

Ayellen got down to business at that point.  Long story less long, she was looking to advance within the ranks of her gang–an offshoot of the Koshari in Boise–and the only way to do that at the moment was to make a vacancy above her.  She was willing to pay the team three grand each if they would hop the border over to the Salish district and get rid of her boss, the unlikely named Tecumseh Antiman.

The team used Olympia’s smuggling contacts to track down a captain in the Tír border security forces who was able to get them across in return for a favor owed her by Olympia.  She also had some Kamikaze that she sold to Arial who would put it to good use later on.  Thus, getting into the Salish was fairly simple, as was tracking down Tecumseh’s address provided by Ayellen.

Tecumseh had set up shop on the fourth floor of a beat up apartment building.  The lower floors had been given over to drug dealers, hookers, and other forms of vice but the top floor remained fairly well maintained.  An elevator provided the only means of internal access and the fire-escape had been knocked down to try and prevent external visitors.  Olypmia flew her flyspy up and into the apartment giving the team the run down on the opposition showing seven individuals present, one of whom was a member of the Tír Constabulary!

Eventually, the constable, Walt Bost, left after receiving some cash from Tecumseh and the team let him go.  Observing things for a bit longer, it was clear the group seemed to be settling in for the night.  No one knew whether all six lived here–it would have been cramped–or if for some reason Tecumseh was expecting trouble.  Deciding on a surprise attack, Octan hacked the building’s matrix host and took control of both the elevator and the camera feed from the same.  Arial climbed the outside of the building to gain access to the roof while Olympia prepared to send her combat drones up in the elevator.

Octan edited the camera feed so that Tecumseh and his cronies thought the Constabulary was coming back and armed for bear.  They quickly took up firing positions using a reinforced pool table as cover.  One rolled a smoke or gas grenade into the elevator to drive the Constabulary out and it was revealed that it was not a group of low enforcement officers but rather the combat drones, the bad guys realized they were in for a world of hurt.  The Lynx opened fire with its light machine gun laying down suppression fire keeping them all pinned down as Arial sneaked in through a balcony door.  Fining her way in, she fired a flashbang stunning the opposition as Olympia launched a gas grenade filled with Pepper Punch into the midst of the group putting them all on the ground.

The team restrained all of the opposition but separated Tecumseh from the rest.  When he came around, they explained the situation to him:  either he could pay them or they could kill him and his friends.  To sweeten the deal, the team agreed to tell him who had sent them and set him up and Tecumseh seemed swayed not only by his sincere desire to remain breathing but also by the opportunity for revenge.  Tecumseh coughed up some additional nuyen for the team’s coffers and the team released him and his cronies telling them that it was Ayellen that had sent them.

Tecumseh told the team to tell Ayellen that he was dead and to send her back here to solidify her new rank within the Koshari. The team returned to the Tír district and did so, sending Ayellen off toward what was almost certainly her own demise.  But, luckily for them, Ayellen was more than happy to pay up the promised cash for their services apparently rendered.

Even better: our protagonists were further enriched by the original promise of cash-y money from the Tír business persons who had brought them to Boise in the first place!  Heading home to Cara’Sir richer for their efforts, the team congratulated themselves on a job well done.