But, That’s Treason!

By on January 5th, 2015

The team needed a place to hide out for a minute, catch their breath, and figure out their next step.  Tecumseh led the team to his safehouse where they trussed up Sgt. Scott, and the first order of business was to figure out who sent him and the rest of the Ghosts into the Pueblo sector of Boise after Tecumseh and, by extension, the team.  After some initial equivocation, Sgt. Scott eventually gave up the ghost.

Scott revealed that his superior was one Major John Hammond, a ranking Ghost currently stationed outside of Boise holding the Pueblo forces at bay.  According to Scott, Hammond ordered them to cross the border and apprehend Tecumseh if possible, kill him if necessary.  Associates of Tecumseh, like his decker buddy, were to be dealt with violently.  Scott was unsure exactly why a kill order had been issued, but on the other hand, it’s his job to follow orders, not to know why he’s following them.  The team gagged the poor sergeant and tied him up leaving him in the bathtub for later.

Octan had not yet woken up yet, so the others let him sleep off the damage caused by the data bomb that destroyed Tecumseh’s copy of the information related to the altercation on the Tír/Salish border.  The team was ready to pack it in and head for home when Tecumseh offered another option:  his decker buddy had a habit of tracking his online movements and storing it in implanted memory.  His drive wouldn’t have a copy of the information he stole, but it would tell the team from whom he stole it.  Lacking a better lead, the team decided to steal themselves a corpse.

Arriving at the morgue, the team made short work of the external security and found their way inside.  The facility was unmanned that late at night, though there was a guard on the premises so they moved quickly into the refrigerated room to look for the decker’s corpse.  Tecumseh identified his colleague and without much fanfare, plugged his commlink into the corpse’s datajack.  Feeding power back into the implanted systems, Tecumseh began to copy the data.

Unfortunately, the morgue guard on his rounds was approaching.  Fortunately, Adriana was more than up to the task of diverting him while Tecumseh finished his work.  They and Cayden met up with Olympia, who was still driving the tow truck they’d pilfered after the helicopter crash, and they tried to ring Octan back at the safehouse.  He didn’t respond so they assumed (correctly) that he was still unconscious.  But, Tecumseh was able to dig through the data and find out where his colleague found the data:  the Tír embassy to the Pueblo Corporate Council located in downtown Boise.

This left the team with two options:  go home or commit treason.  Like any respectable crew:  they opted for treason.

Banking on the fact that Adriana’s legal identity would get them in the door, they figured they could slip away from the embassy staff, find the data, and then waltz across the border with embassy guards.  So, Adriana got prepared for her grand entrance, which basically required her to dump booze all over her self and stagger in supported by Cayden.  Tecumseh and Olympia waited outside with the tow truck in case a getaway was necessary; after all, the Duchess Rukin could always demand that her cousin and friend also be provided escort back to the Tír.

Entering the embassy, Adriana and Cayden were quickly ushered into a lounge located off the lobby.  It had two entrances back into the lobby and a third exit into other areas of the embassy.  From the activity in the lobby, it was clear that the embassy was preparing to exit the building and return to the Tír, assuming the PCC would let them.  In the lounge, it became very clear that the embassy was watching Adriana and Cayden fairly carefully, but there was a moment that distracted the guards and Adriana quickly used an invisibility preparation on Cayden and he slipped out of that third exit and into the rest of the building.

Tecumseh used the information he lifted from his decker buddy to gain access into the embassy systems and directed Cayden toward a specific office.  Creeping invisibly through the hallways, he was treated to the site of embassy staffers moving about in a mild panic as they destroyed information and otherwise scrambled about the back areas of the buildings.  Cayden was doing well until a security spirit caught sight of him on the Astral plane and raised a silent alarm.

Meanwhile, in the lobby, a dwarf by the name of Jack sized the opportunity to try to claim to be a part of the Duchess’s entourage.  The embassy staff didn’t believe him at first, but eventually they escorted him out of the lobby creating the distraction that allowed Cayden to slip away.   They led him into a wing opposite the one in which Cayden was sneaking about and tossed him unceremoniously into a room clearly meant for interrogation.  Not understanding exactly what was going on, but pretty sure that claiming to know the duchess may not have been the best idea he’d ever had, he checked to see if he could slip away.  The door was unlocked — the staff either not considering him a flight risk or forgetting in the activity to secure his position.  He slipped out of the room and crept back to the lobby.

Cayden had found his way to the appropraite office where the information was located.  Tecumseh instructed him to plug a transmitter into the computer.  Cayden did so and Tecumseh used it to gain access to the terminal and began searching for the data.  When he found it, he copied it to his own systems.  This didn’t help Cayden, though, as both the spirit and an additional guard entered the room and cornered him.  Guards also entered the room with Adriana and attempted to take her into custody as well.  Cayden handled both the spirit and the guard almost without breaking a sweat and when he reported that the jig was up, Adriana let rip with a prepared Swarm spell distracting her would-be captors and making her escape.  She exited the back door of the lounge, met up with Cayden, and called Olympia for a pickup at the rear of the lobby.

Jack entered the lobby just in time to see guards fleeing the lounge (and the Swarm).  He quickly (for a dwarf) ran past them, shook off the effects of Adriana’s illusion, and entered the embassy’s back hallways just in time to see Adriana and Cayden fleeing out a rear door.  He followed, helped them handle a few more guards at the rear of the grounds, and earned–if nothing else–a spot on the getaway tow truck.  Picking up the others, Olympia sped around the block and onto a main street just in time to see embassy vehicles pulling out to follow.