The Collection of Ben Gantry

Our curtain opens over the skyline of Cara’Sir, formerly Portland, as our protagonists go about their daily lives on Sunday, February 2nd 2075.  Octan Bey, contacted by his Fixer, is given information about a meet to take place at the Ugly Mug in the university district at 7 PM that evening.  Adriana and Olympia are given similar information.  The three of them arrive, the ladies together, and are quickly suffled into a meeting room.  Waiting for them there is Mr. Johnson, a well dressed elf drinking some sort of luminescent blue drink, as well as three elven bodyguards (two male, one female) and a somewhat shabby looking ork drinking a cheap lager 1.

The job seems simple enough:  for 7000 nuyen, 1000 up front, the group is to drive to the Tír sector in Boise and find the Cat’s Meow Restaurant and Hotel.  There, they’ll be met by a contact of Mr. Johnson named Aiden Alexander who will be providing a safehouse for one Ben Gantry.  Gantry has information that Mr. Johnson and his employers, the Party of Our Roots, would find most interesting.  Mr. Johnson warns the group:  the Party for the New Age is very likely to be equally if not more interested in Gantry if the rumors about his data are accurate.

Considering the hour, the team hunkers down for the night in Cara’Sir and leaves the next morning for Boise.  During the night, Octan contacts Diane–a leader in the continuing anti-government rebels known as the Rinelle ke’Tesrae–and lets her know that he might be coming into some information important to the Rooters and therefore, of interest to her and others in the Rinelle.  She tentatively agrees to pay him for the information, upon confirmation that it’s valuable, and gives Octan contact information for an operative with whom she works in Boise, a dwarf named Magni.

The drive to Boise goes smoothly; the team is just one more car on the road, after all.  Turning the corner onto the street where they expect to find the Cat’s Meow, however, things are not as placid.  Three men, hauling a fourth sporting a black hood over his face, are climbing into vehicles and, quickly, drive away at top speed.  Assuming that the hooded, kidnapped figure was Ben Gantry, Olympia begins pursuit quickly passing the rear car and closing the distance to the lead car.

The rear car, however, has none of that and begins to open  fire on Olympia’s van.  Adrianna, leans out a side door and attempts to use an Alchemical preparation for a lightning bolt without success.  Similarly, the ork also returns fire, and strikes the passenger of the rear car in the neck and a rider in the back seat in the arm causing him to drop his weapon.

Meanwhile, online, Octan attempts to summon some sprites and use Resonance based attacks to disable the opposing vehicles.  By all evidence, it doesn’t go well; the technomancers begins to bleed from the ears and nose and, shortly thereafter, falls into unconsciousness.  Not that you could tell; he had, after all, been in VR.

Olympia continues to close the distance between her vehicle and the lead car, but the chase case continues to pester her ramming her from behind and, later, attempting to run her off the road.  Worse:  the lead car had a ride-along mage if the geometrically proportioned sheet of ice in located at the site of a hairpin turn wasn’t some sort of strange natural phenomenon.

Adriana ordered a bound spirit to stop the lead car and, to do so, it manifested before it and used an engulf power to force it to a halt.  Olympia, reacting quickly, stopped the van before a colliding with the car, as did the driver of the rear vehicle before hitting Olympia’s.  This gave the ork the opportunity to charge over to the rear vehicle, punch through the driver’s side window, and proceed to pummel said driver.  The final passenger in that vehicle decided that, for his own health, a visit to anywhere else needed to begin, and he ran off down a side street.

Adriana exited the van and moved over the the lead vehicle now crumpled by a collision with the spirit.  The driver was obviously quite injured and the two passengers (one up front and one in the back) seemed unconscious.  Grabbing the kidnapped individual and confirming that he was indeed Ben Gantry, she dragged him back to Olympia’s van and helped him in as the ork rejoined the party.

  1. This is Antoine’s character

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