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One thing that I knew I’d need to build was the facility to choose options unlocked by a prior choice.  For example, once you’ve chosen to make an Aspected Magician, it’s important that you have the ability to choose if your character is going to be a Sorcerer, Conjurer, or Enchanter.

I had already made the choice to add “racial” items to the system so that skills could be made compatible (or incompatible) with those items.  Thus, skills in the Conjuring skill group could be made incompatible with Sorcerers and Enchanters.  As a result, the need for this choice to be made early, ideally with the character’s priorities, is strong.

Magic/Resonance Options

Magic/Resonance Options

What I settled on, for now, is to the right.  When you select Aspected Magician in the dedicated area for the magic/resonance options, the cog-wheel icon appears and it triggers the opening of a dialog when you click it.  That dialog gives people the choice between the three aspects.  When you click the save-and-close button, that information is sent up to the server where it’s processed, saved, and the appropriate changes to the character in memory on the server side are made.

Even better:  when you save your choice, the  text on screen shifts from “Aspected Magician” to that choice, e.g. “Sorcerer.”  Even even better:  I’m pretty confident that the same basic solution, using a slightly different dialog, will work once we have the rules in 5th edition for the metavariants.

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