Food Fight, or How We Left SR4 and Began to Love SR5

As is traditional, Food Fight! began our travels in the world of SR5.  And, as is also traditional, the new rules confused the heck out of us.  That said, we did pretty well but these were things that we didn’t figure out during the game:

Alchemy Rolls

Since Alchemy is a brand new thing in the game, we used the Occult Investigator archetype, an alchemist, as one of the characters in our little scenario.  However, since we didn’t do a lot of the preparatory steps of a normal game, we found that alchemy didn’t really make a lot of sense.  Here are some of the details we missed:

  1. When you make a preparation, you choose a trigger for it.  It’ll work on command, on contact with a living being, or at a specific time.  These increase the drain by two, one, and two.
  2. The Potency is not simply the preparations re-named Force.  Instead, it is the net hits on the Alchemy + Magic [Force] vs. Force Test made when creating it.  As we noticed, the preparation lasts for (Preparation x 2) hours and are reduced by one for each additional hour there after.
  3. When you use the preparation, its current Potency + Force is rolled instead of Spellcasting + Magic to determine the success/failure of the preparation.

Other Miscellaneous Stuff

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