Raiding the Farm

[Author’s Note:  This is about two months over due.  As a result, it’s a little sketchier than I like for a game log, but summer has happened and the frequency of gaming was basically nil over the last few weeks.]

When the team returned to Longfeather with information relating to the zombie cocaine and its connections to Gary, Indiana, he confirmed the suspicions of some of the team:  the cocaine appeared to be connected to Aztechnology considering the use of Blood Magic and the Aztech’s interests in Gary.  Thinking it over for a few minutes, Longfeather asked the group if they’d be willing to work with him further.   Before negotiating further, Longfeather paid them for services rendered and told them to think it over.  He’d meet with them again in 24 hours and discuss the plan.

24 hours later, the team returned to Longfeather’s hotel and met with him and the Kid again.  Longfeather explained that the people he represented wanted the location in Gary to which Claudia tracked the bad guys to be raided.  He and his boys could distract the Aztech security on site, but he wanted the team to move in quietly, raid the facility, and steal whatever pertinent information they could find, and then bugger off during the distraction.  Talking it over, the team agreed to do the job if Longfeather could provide some magical support, primarily for counterspelling.  Longfeather agreed and sent the Kid along with them.

Longfeather mapped out the facility, to the best of their knowledge, highlighting the building in which the servers appeared to be located (based on electrical usage and node density) and pointed out the locations that he and his boys would be attacking in succession.  The team deliberated the best means by which to gain entry onto the facility — including a lake assault — and opted for a side gate through the fenced perimeter.

The team moved into position at the appointed time and, along with the Kid, waited for Longfeather to begin the festivities.  They had three guards at the side door to deal with but, luckily, once the boys opened fire at the main gates, one of those left and a second left the more secure guardhouse and stood prone outside.  Not wanting to draw too much attention to themselves, the team asked Claudia to try and get closer so that she could try to hack the guardhouse, but she was seen by the external guard.  He wasn’t sure what he was looking at, but he drew his weapon.  Realizing that things were about to get noisy anyway, Dru (note:  or maybe Foxface) simply shot the guards and the team quickly moved onto the compound.

Sprinting for the target set, the team was able to gain access with a keycard nicked from the guards  Inside, they were somewhat stunned to see a small coca farm under guard by a few more Aztech goons as well as a few additional non-combatants dressed as scientists.  These latter individuals ran as the bullets started to fly exiting the building where the team entered.  According to their intelligence, the servers were located in the basement of the building, so Claudia moved to find the computer room as Dru and Foxface handled the guards.  Shots were heard outside, but lacking any evidence that they were under fire, the rest of the team proceeded to the basement stairs.

Dru tossed down some smoke to try and hide their movements, but the basement level appeared empty.  Moving quickly, three rooms were identified, the first was administrative and the third was the server room.  The second one was quite obviously a Blood Magic ritual chamber of some sort.  Claudia moved quickly to begin hacking the servers and transferring as much data as she could grab to her commlink.  Meanwhile, the team in the hallway came under fire from the first floor.  Douglas moved a drone upstairs, but it came under full-auto fire and was pretty much shredded but while it provided a distraction, Dru and Foxface was able to handle the shooter.

Claudia had copied the data by this point and the team exited the way they entered.  On the way out, Dru grabbed a plant sample from the farm, by which I mean to say she uprooted an entire coca plant and took it with her.  Leaving the facility, they found the scientist-types all shot in the back — likely the result of the gunshots they had heard earlier — and the team hightailed it back to the van letting Longfeather know that they were on their way out.  They met up with him back at the hotel, gave him the data and the coca plant and parted ways after completing what was, for them, likely the closest thing to a “standard” shadowrun that they’d dealt with to date.

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